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 wishes you can bring back the joy to my life and don't leave me here with these tears. :)

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PostSubject: wishes you can bring back the joy to my life and don't leave me here with these tears. :)   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:48 am

Hey guys!!! how is ur day? good ? bad ? awesome ? great ? haha . answer me via comments. hmmm I'm back to my so called home bitter home . gosh~ i rather to rot at home instead of coming back to hostel and i so willing to be that. this week only left with physics lecturer!!! gosh!!! Sad And Penang do miss me a lot !! Very Happy and I found out that just a few minutes away from you is like I start missing u and I had an awesome days with u on that week. How I wish time don't fly. And no one is here for me!!! Sad I will be lonely without u my girl. Mad never knowing that it's near but yet too far from me.. I miss u alot!!! see u when free!! perhaps after ur exam?

Tomorrow might be an awesome day for me? who knows? Neutral

and gosh I feel the cold and I not that feeling well. perhaps flu will be soon!!! Sad no no!! exam is around the corner

today when I'm back I got a super super bad news!!! No!! where is my 0.7 gone to??
Yen said : aunt, I got a super bad news when I'm back to hostel. gosh!! lmao!!!
Yen called mum after that: mommy!!! 0.7 is missing. and I don't know what is wrong??
mom was like o_O good la not bad what (ROFL)

Conclusion : some times I really don know how perfect am I was when people said not bad what.. so dam perfect == I don't feel any perfection on myself. why can't I just do well in such a easy thing? that really make me feel lifeless. it's not a high expectation but hey 0.7!!! arghh.. silent Evil or Very Mad

so and I do watch again the annoying orange to make my day bright. I feel so lonely. To me no matter how many thousand friends you have or a boy friend I still feel lonely. because my mom, my dad, my sis, my relatives, my big big family aren't beside me. And this can be describes as my lonely life Sad

btw, u will find it how irritating the apple is.. imagine if he keep on calling u..

hey apple, apple, hey, hey apple, hey, apple, hey, hey apple, apple, hey. and apple said what,what,what isit? LOL
hey apple, ur fruity! hahahahaha LOL.. the fruit reminds me of something

the orange annoys the hell out of his friend!!! LOL

hey apple you back.!tomato answered:what?hey apple where hv u been?tomato answered:r u talking to me?am not an apple! and I added: WTF!!! haha

so called lifeless girl?

p/s : you know I miss you too? Smile I miss you like how you miss me.
p/s/s : all the best to you! you know what and you know who you are D: lol!
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wishes you can bring back the joy to my life and don't leave me here with these tears. :)
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