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 Who do you care?

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PostSubject: Who do you care?   Tue May 24, 2011 6:14 pm may be simple to you but actually it's a very important responsibility you have to bear! So do you care? Or you don't care?

The definition of Maturity in terms of caring:
People told me u are mature if u start caring about others, but remember to care those who is actually spending time caring bout you =)
For instance, your parents, if they dun care about you, why they keep nagging about your time, safety, and so on? It's actually very hard to care for others, because of human nature...we tend to forget things andonly care for the people u aimed so.....but remember to care for people who is aroudn you but you didn;t realized it....but remember, care bout yourself 1st before caring others, well, this explains why we humans have dissatisfaction...imagine this....if people dun say things about you...means they dun care about you, so if they care about you, means u r special to them, no matter whom you want to care with, it's in your hands, and it's your choice!

Over-caring and Don't Care Theory?
There are times when we over-caring on someone or over use the don;t care let me explain what it is~

Over-Caring, well, you can care for others....but when you over-care about others, people will feel annoyed by you and the people will began to run away from you (In other words, hate you)

The Don't Care Theory, well, in the 21th Century, it is very famous....some people taught that dun care about a matter will cause them from getting into the problem , well I can say it is TRUE but if you over-use the don;t care theory, you will end like a small kid!

So remember, if you want to care about others, here's my opinion (My suggestions)
1. Care bout yourself (Spiritually and mentally)
2. Care bout your loved ones (Your beloved family)
3. Care about your friends (Who actually spend time with you!)
4. Care about your studies and your future
And lastly....

4. Care about the society, environment and EARTH.

Well, it's doesn't matter which do you put first, but remember this...

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PostSubject: Re: Who do you care?   Wed May 25, 2011 5:44 pm

Very good!
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Who do you care?
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